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Diablo Shear Baler DH



The DIABLO series of shear balers consist of a single ridged squeeze box with two stage oscillating lid. The lid is hinged at the center which enables the two stage compression. The lower half of the lid is hinged longitudinally to the vertical side of the squeeze box. The squeeze box itself is constructed of Hardox wear resistant steel. The rear longitudinal cylinder which provides the pushing force is housed and fully protected. A diesel or electric hydraulic aggregate and the other electrical components are also found at the rear of the bailer. SASCOLINE DIABLO shear balers are built on a steel platform, do not need foundations and work on any flat surface. They are quick and easy to move and operate; DIABLO shear balers are unquestionably heavier and stronger than other shear balers in this class. The DIABLO shear balers are recommended for shearing and baling light scrap, collected scrap, demolition scrap and aluminum profiles.


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