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Diablo Baler DB- DD



SASCOLINE balers are built in house at the C&G factory in northern Italy. With this leaflet we present you DIABLO, SASCOLINE´s mid weight range of transportable bailers. The DIABLO series of balers consist of a single ridged squeeze box with a single two stage oscillating lid. The single lid is hinged at the center which enables effective two stage compression. The lower half of the lid is hinged longitudinally to the vertical side of the squeeze box. The squeeze box itself is constructed of Hardox wear resistant steel. The main ram is housed and fully protected. A diesel hydraulic aggregate and the electrical components are situated safely at the rear of the bailer. Compressed bails are automatically discharged through the hydraulically operated sliding hatch B52D. DIABLO series balers are easily transportable and come equipped with a roll-on roll-off lifting hook. DIABLO balers are designed to be particularly ridged and strong enough to handle the rigors of continuous bailing. DIABLO balers are designed to be quick and easy to transport as well as simple to operate making them ideal for companies with multiple yards or to rent out to other metal recyclers.


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