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CRM Series – Independent Carriage Machines


State of the art of rotational moulding.

Provides for high productivity, maximum flexibility and energy efficiency. Configurations can be increased from 1 to 4 carriages.

Automatic and independent control of time and temperature for each arm, and therefore for each mould or moulds configuration.

Possibility to choose the optimal situation for multiple productions of different articles, different materials, different thicknesses and different quality levels.

CRM Series

High technology at low cost.

For moulders who require a reliable machine at a limited budget.

  • High tech controls to manage the machine;
  • New special bevel gears in the head of the arms;
  • New interface for easy operations;
  • New air flow design of the cooking chamber;
  • Large loading capacity of the arms;
  • New system for opening and closing of the doors of the oven;
  • Highly efficient thermal insulation of the cooking chamber;
  • Electronically controlled burner for reduced fuel consumption with different fuels;
  • Heating with high velocity forced air circulation in closed circuit;
  • Adjustable deflectors for optimal heating air flow to the moulds;
  • Oven fitted with doors and sliding gates;
  • Cooling chamber in galvanized steel or stainless steel;
  • Cooling via air and water mist spray;
  • Primary and secondary rotation movements through gear wheels and gear motors controlled by frequency inverters;
  • Individual carriages movement controlled by proximity sensors;
  • High carrying capacity straight/offset/C arms assembled in a single block & easily interchangeable;
  • Operator touch screen control for total management of the working cycle in the language of the operator;
  • Oven temperature measurement and adjustment in real time of the system to heat the molds;
  • Remote operator console for easy loading and unloading operations.