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SERECO proposes also complete compact type water treatment solutions.
These plants can be completely prefabricated in steel and therefore delivered ready for the use by requiring only hydraulic and electrical connections; or they can be partially prefabricated to be assembled on site.
It is possible also to provide only the components and design for the realization and installation on site. The various models meet the requirements of wastewater to be treated and its destination.
The biological compact plant with aerobic sludge digester DBF model is used mainly for the treatment of wastewater coming from slaughterhouses, dairy industries, and food industries and suchlike.
The biological total oxidation plant VERDE model is typically used for the treatment of municipal wastewater of small communities which do not have the possibility of connection to the city sewerage system such as hotels, holiday villages, small municipalities, villages and suchlike.
The chemical-physical compact plant CF model is used for the treatment of wastewater containing toxic pollutants which may inactivate the biological mass and when the flow rates are very irregular and do not allow an adequate time of the increase and acclimatization of the bacterial mass. It is used for the treatment of the wastewater coming from car washes, laundries, and chemical industries and suchlike.
COMAS model biological type MBBR is extremely compact. It is used to treat high flow rates in a very small space and in cases of urbanization.
DBF – Biological compact plant with aerobic sludge digester
CF – Chemical-physical compact plant
VERDE – Compact total oxidation plant
COMAS – Wastewater compact treatment plant