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Compact Bitumen Emulsion Sprayers



Small Sprayer Range

The Parker range of towed and demountable sprayers is perfectly suited for smaller contracts including bond coat and surface dressing works. Available in a range of tank sizes they are self contained units which come complete with a hand lance and can also be offered with a spray bar.

Unlike larger distributors/sprayers they do not require to be mounted on a dedicated truck and can be towed or carried by any suitable vehicle giving operators’ greater flexibility in planning the use of their vehicle fleet.

The sprayers are available in a range of sizes from 500 litres to 2,000 litres and are all capable of heating the product making it easier to pump. When bitumen emulsions are used there is the added benefit that they will tend to “break” more quickly when warm. Heating is provided by a fully automatic light fuel oil burner powered from an alternator driven by the auxiliary engine and the product is pumped using a suitably sized rotary gear pump also driven by the auxiliary engine. Drums can be manually decanted into the units using the optional lifting davit.

  • Compact & highly mobile
  • Self contained operational units
  • Designed for small contracts and road repairs
  • Suitable for most bitumen and bitumen emulsions
  • Strong, lightweight construction
  • Optional lifting davit for manual drum-loading
  • Replaceable flame tube liners
  • Efficient atomising gas oil burner
  • Optional spray-bar and/or spray-lance
  • Easy to operate with minimum maintenance


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