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Coarse screening

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The screening in a municipal or industrial water treatment plant is the first phase in the treatment process; its optimal selection involves a drastic reduction of the organic load at the inlet of subsequent water treatment processes. Moreover the perfect operation of a screening station reduces clogging problems of pumps and equipment installed downstream.
The large range of screens proposed allows our customers to make the right selection according to the specific plant requirements.
Thanks to the wide range of sizes available for each model, it is possible to install screens in channels of any height, width, discharge height and flow rate.

GVC – Vertical chain screen
GPSA – Sub-vertical flat screen with alternate motion
GPSC – Cable vertical flat screen
GGPSC – Big sub-vertical flat cable screen
GPSR – Sub vertical plane climber screen
GCM – Curved screen with mechanical cleaning
GCMR – Curved screen with radial mechanical cleaning
GVCC – Countercurrent vertical chain screen
GVI – Hydraulic vertical screen