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Cleaning Units for Concrete Skips


Wash Platform

Rugged steel construction for the cleaning of diverse concrete skips. The raised platform provides an optimum position for
washing the concrete skip, which is positioned at an angle. With vertical ladder, safety railings and grating to safeguard against inadvertent slipping.

Waste Water Sedimentation Tank

Three-chamber sedimentation tank in rugged steel design, for separating waste water from solids. Perfect for use in combination with the FE 3020 concrete skip wash platform. For collecting and pre-treating the waste water obtained from the concrete skip cleaning process. The pre-treated water can either be re-used for another washing cycle or chemically treated by the FE 3024 water treatment system for conversion into pure water.

Water Treatment System

Ruggedly designed, round steel plate container with agitator, chemical filter and drain faucet with draw off taps; designed for the connection of CO2 and pressure reducing valve; with 6 metres of hose. For treating the waste water obtained from the concrete silo cleaning process and return of the purified water to the regular water cycle.

Sedimentation Tipping Skip

Equipped with a removable sheet to separate the solid elements of waste water, as well as a plug valve to drain recycled alkaline water. The swing retention bin is also equipped with a manual unlatching lever, in order to allow the driver to empty the bin completely from his seat. Rectangular shape from steel sheet with all-round edge profile and optimum tipping angle. The assembly is supported by a stable chassis with a forklift pocket for forklifts. Optional fixed and castor wheels.

Sedimentation Drop Bottom Skip

Equipped with a plug valve to drain recycled alkaline water and with a spring operated bottom-opening, to allow for the discharge of sludge deposits. The opening mechanism is operated with a cord and spring. The container can be supported by a crane or forklift. The containers can be piled up for storage or transport. Robust stainless steel container designed
with lightly conical steel walls and secured chute which can be stacked and is suitable for crane as well as forklift truck handling.

Treatment Skip

Equipped with a removable sheet, the water treatment with CO2 is done with a perforated hose in order to obtain an acceptable pH-value without adding strong acids. Stable aluminium construction, equipped with a forklift support.




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