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Clariflocculators for potable water and similar

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The clariflocculation is a chemical and physical water treatment process and it mainly consists in the removal of suspended substances. Its application is in the water treatment of surface water, industrial and municipal wastewater treatment, filtration pre-treatment, Reverse Osmosis, both in the municipal and industrial sectors.
The clariflocculation allows the removal of organic compounds, sedimenting particles and heavy metals.
SERECO proposes clariflocculators (central drive or peripheral drive) having, as an integral part, a Sabre profile turbine or several electric agitators gate type which allow the mixing with reagents, coagulation, flocculation and final clarification processes inside the same tank. In these units, the dimensions of the central deflector are such as to ensure an adequate flocculation time.
The clariflocculation process is a traditional and consolidated treatment. The sequence of operations sedimentation-precipitation-coagulation-flocculation is the most common technique used in the world for the production of potable water. The process requires low costs for high volumes of purified water. It is a reliable process suitable for automatic control.

PRCCC1 – Clariflocculator with turbine central drive type
PRTPC1 – Clariflocculator with turbine peripheral drive type
PRTPC2/4 – Clariflocculator double agitator peripheral drive type