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Clamps, Grabs & Lifters


Automatic Grab

self dumping grab

Single-rope crane grab for the loading and transportation of bulk material and loose earth by crane. Automatic grabbing with the closing and opening mechanism of the clamshell bucket. The opened clamshell bucket is lowered onto loose material, the saws then close automatically when the grab is lifted. When lowered again the saws open
allowing the grab to empty. Rugged construction, service-proven with numerous satisfied customers. High operational reliability and safety and easy to operate.

Block Grab

caged crane grab

With single-sided or double-sided lever arms and automatic relocation of the centre of gravity, special rubber jaws, rope suspension and plastic apron.

Brick Grab

Scissor grab

Specifically designed and developed for the UK market to lift palletised brickloads (Note: bricks must be securely bound). Suitable for handling all types of concrete products such as slabs, steel-strapped bricks, blocks kerb stones and paving blocks. Fitted with an automatic “open/closed” device that enables a single operator to stack or un-stack palletised bound loads. Lined with hard rubber pads to minimise damage to the load.

Highway Divider Clamp

mechanical concrete clamp

Designed for the safe and reliable transportation of concrete protection wall sections of the “New Jersey” profile. Thanks to the enormous pressure exerted by these mechanical tongs, the rubber-lined jaws are capable of gripping soiled and wet sections with relative safety and without leaving any marks or damage. With replaceable rubber-lined jaws and fully automatic opening and closing.

Tile Grab

roof tile clamp

For the transportation of roofing tiles in 1.0m long loose-bound or shrink-wrapped packs; with replaceable rubber-lined jaws, protection cage and rope suspension with crane eyelet.

Barrier Lifter

For safe and economic transportation and placement of road sections and other large concrete elements. All-purpose and fully adjustable gripper with automatic operation. Jaws made of diamond-hard metal. The gripper is constructed according to the technical work regulations of the trade association.


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