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Circular clarifiers

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The water clarification process in a municipal or industrial sewage treatment plant can be found many times in a treatment process. Typically, there is a primary settlement upstream the biological treatment and a secondary settlement downstream the biological treatment. A primary perfectly operating clarifier allows about 25% – 30% reduction of the polluting load in terms of COD and BOD5 at biological treatment inlet. Even more important are the secondary clarifiers, whose efficiency depends on quantity of total suspended solids in the outlet water. For the dimensioning of the clarifier, besides the surface load and the hydraulic retention time, it is necessary to consider many other important factors such as the retention time of sludge at the sedimentation tank bottom (especially if it is desired to minimize the risk of rising), the efficiency of removal of the floating materials (very important as regards foaming and/or rising), the water height in the sedimentation tank in order to minimize the negative effects caused by the bulking in the secondary clarifiers.
SERECO has been designing and manufacturing scrapers for circular clarifiers for more than 40 years and proposes the most state-of-the-art and several solutions as regards dimensions, accessories, production materials and type of scraper.

PRTP – Peripheral drive scraper for circular clarifier
PRTPD – Diametral peripheral drive scraper for circular clarifier
PRATP – Peripheral drive sludge suction system for circular clarifier
PRATPD – Diametral peripheral drive sludge suction system for circular clarifier
PRCC – Scraper for circular clarifier with central drive