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Carousel Machines – Fixed Arms


The rhythm of rotational moulding.

The most common rotational moulding machine: high production capacity, robust construction, requires little maintenance and is simple to operate.

Available with 3 or 4 mould carrying arms, which move together in the various working phases.

This is the ideal machine for different parts with similar working cycle.

It is possible to change the moulding temperature and the rotation speed (both axes) on each arm.

Working Cycle

Available with up to 6 stations for maximum flexibility.

Six stations configuration (3 waiting stations and 3 working stations):

  • Cooking and moulding the part;
  • Intermediate phase waiting for cooling;
  • Mould cooling;
  • Material loading into the moulds;
  • Three intermediate waiting stations.

Depending on the customer requirements the working stations can be arranged in a different way.