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BPB-S – Stone Crusher



Agricultural and public works

KIRPY continually innovates and develops the technical performance of its equipment for optimum reliability.
Always willing to learn from professionals in the public works, agricultural and mountain sectors, KIRPY’s product development programme now offers BPB and BPB-S crushers with adjustable and retractable anvils (patented system) and anti-dispersal door.

Huge crushing capacity
The BPB and BPB-S offer excellent levels of crushing performance on already aligned or unworked ground. It requires relatively moderate tractor power and is suitable for all types of site.

Strengths of the BPB and BPB-S

  • Dual belt drive.
  • Sealed bearings (labyrinths).
  • Full rotor that can be fitted with replaceable or carbide hammers.
  • Hydraulically adjustable anvil with hydropneumatic safety system.
  • Mechanically welded steel housing.
  • Hardox plating.

Specific BPB-S characteristics

  • Finer crushing.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Faster hammer replacement.


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