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BP-BPR – Stone Crusher



Manufactured using the best quality steel, the BP and BPR crushers excel in their field.
Mainly for agricultural applications, from vineyards to open fields, the BP-BPR range is suitable for a wide range of projects (entrance: 1.35m to 2.50m).

The BPR has been designed using the same principle as the BP.
It has a mobile hammer rotor and features:
reinforced frame,
double belt drive,
hydraulic rear door,
standard torque limiter, built in to the RA gearbox

Together, these elements make the BPR a high quality professional tool with minimum operating costs.

BP and BPR: Simplicity and performance
The KIRPY BP and BPR stone crushers work via percussion delivered by mobile hammers rotating around an axle of treated steel. They are fixed to a rotor turning in the opposite direction to the direction of movement of the tractor. The stones thereby thrown up are crushed against the anvil. With particle size being dependent on speed, it is recommended to use tractors with creeper speeds. The fineness of the crushed material can also be improved by fitting an optional refinement grid. The mobile hammers (4 rows per rotor) are either replaceable or carbide. They are simple and quick to replace. The different models in the range can be fitted to tractors from 80 hp.

The strengths of BP and BPR:

    • Front opening of 35cm protected by a double row of chains, preventing stones from being thrown out.
    • A reinforced wide-diameter rotor providing high throughput, force of impact and working depth of between 12cm and 20cm.
    • Transmission of movement to the rotor via trapezoidal belts, providing protection and flexibility
    • Rear door giving easy access to the rotor and hammers.
    • Fast hammer replacement.
    • Very high quality steel and components.
    • Low operating costs.

BPR special properties

  • Equipment supplied with torque limiter as standard.
  • Hydraulic rear door
  • Dual rotor drive
  • Automatic belt tension system



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