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Bitumen Transportation



For Bitumen Emulsion Storage

The Parker Bitumen Transporter range of heated road tankers provides the ideal solution for the transportation of bulk bitumen over long distances.
Fully compliant with ADR regulations concerning the transportation of hot bitumen products the transporters are of rugged construction for both on and off highway use.

To maintain the product temperature on long journeys the Transporter has a fully automatic, thermostatically controlled, direct oil fired heating system powered from the towing vehicle’s 24 volt batteries complete with high temperature cut out and independent fuel tank.
The product can be loaded, circulated or discharged using the fully integrated submerged pumping system which is driven by an on board auxiliary engine. Product can also be off-loaded by gravity using the main discharge valve mounted in a hot box on the bottom of the tank.

  • Capacities from 24,000 litres to 48,000 litres
  • Two/three axle chassis depending on capacity
  • Fully compliant with ADR regulations
  • High density insulation and robust external finish
  • Thermostatically controlled system
  • Self contained heating system to maintain product temperature
  • Integral pump permitting loading and discharge of product
  • Easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance


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