BIG FORREST Piston - Recoquip



Available Models: 140, 170, 210, 250


Forest hydraulic shredder for miniskids, backhoes, loaders and telescopics up to 25 ton, Designed for machines to cut uncultivated vegetation, shrubs and trees with trunk up to 30 cm.

Standard Equipment

Steel frame high resistance with internal counter-frame
(double frame)
Bonnet hydraulic opening
Front protection chains
Lateral transmission with 6 belts
Skids height adjustable
Rotor Ø 500mm with fix tools in tungsten
Anticavitation valve
Flow regulator
Engine at axial pistons max 400 BAR with external drainage
(backpressure max 2 BAR)
5 Connecting hoses ingoing – outgoing – drainage with back
pressure max. 2 BAR and uses
Universal type” fixed hitch for miniskid“