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Biblo Shear Baler BE-BF-BB



BIBLO shear bailers are fixed on a single supporting framework, eliminating the need for expensive foundations. BIBLO shear bailers are categorized as medium size and medium weight machines. The squeeze box consists of an “L” shaped fixed base and two independently folding wings.  Both wings provide an over stroke with maximum compression force which reduces the pre-compression cycle time and generates an offset square bale. This offset bale significantly reduces vibrations and minimizes wear and tear on the squeeze box during discharge. The squeeze box and the internal lid surfaces are constructed of Hardox wear resistant steel and incorporate other ingenious features to minimize wear. As well as functioning as a traditional shear, BIBLO shear bailers can also compress and discharge bails automatically. BIBLO SHEAR BAILERS ARE EASY TO INSTALL AND REPOSITION.



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