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The sludge treatment in a treatment plant is important and has management costs comparable to (sometimes higher than) the costs for water treatment.
SERECO, working since years in the field of water treatment, always aiming at solving any problem and minimizing the management costs of the plants has decided to offer the sludge belt press dewatering system. These equipment are currently the technological product that, for the same sludge load, boasts the lowest energy consumption, the greatest operating reliability and a reduced ordinary maintenance (for example bearing replacement) to be easily carried out by on-site technicians without applying to specialized technicians or even to expensive and frequent shipments of the equipment to the manufacturer. A comparison with the operation and maintenance costs of centrifuges, plate filter presses or other sludge dewatering systems is even inconceivable.
All belt press models can be supplied as standard with a sludge pre-reactor dimensioned each time to ensure a contact time between sludge and polyelectrolyte in order to obtain an optimum flocculation.
All this has led to the development of high-efficiency belt presses with dry percentage comparable to plate filter presses and always higher than centrifuges.
NPF – Sludge belt press
NPF_MP – Medium pressure belt press for sludge
NPF_HP – High pressure belt press for sludge
PDPA – Automatic polyelectrolyte preparation and dosing unit