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Autoplace PS-3




Dual-lane or single-lane concrete placer/spreader featuring a 10ft 6in wide receiving hopper and 60in (1520mm) wide folding feed conveyor capable of transfer material at up to 450fpm (13.7mpm) from either the left or right side of the placer.

Material is then spread by right and left mounted, hydraulically driven 24in (610mm) diameter augers and struck off by a sectional moldboard with powered crown capability to a standard widths of 12 to 20ft (3660 to 6100mm).

An optional extension allows spreading to 32ft (9754mm).

The tractor unit uses two 12ft (3660mm) long tracks that are driven from the centrally mounted power pack.

The four legs have a maximum elevation of 30in (762mm).

Dual-lane or single-lane concrete placing and spreading.
Right- or left-hand side delivery capability.
Hydrostatically driven, high- capacity rotary spreader auger.


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