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AIS Automatic Injection System



AIS is the innovative automatic injection system for the excellent supply distribution of water and/or stabilisation liquid binding agent. Using AIS, the operator can directly set the exact quantity of liquid on the display according to the road surface (l/m² – gall/sq. foot) or the volume (l/m³ – gall/cubic foot).

The AIS intelligent system adjusts itself, automatically defining the flow in the mixing chamber according to the advancement speed and the depth of the job.

In comparison to the manual flow regulation, AIS leaves no margin for errors, guaranteeing excellent results .
The material is mixed at the correct degree of humidity , thereby offering high-quality stabilization.

Various sensors on the machine guarantee the correct automatic functioning of this injection system.
A radar sensor continually monitors the advancement speed, while various other sensors control the working depth.

A magnetic flowmeter ensures the supply of the required flow. Furthermore, as an option, the nozzles in pairs can be electronically controlled to partialize the irrigation zone and optimise the working width.