Agglomerators - Recoquip



Available Products: A45, A60, A80, A100, A120



P.R.T. Service & Innovation A series machines deal with the grinding and agglomeration of laminates, fibers and thermoplastic films.
The operating principle is based on the transformation of mechanical energy, used for grinding the material, into the thermal energy needed for plasticization.
The working process takes place in cycles and is characterized by the following phases:
• Feeding – manual or using a belt
• Grinding-plasticization using a disk wheel, opposed by fixed blades, located on the lower perimeter of the working chamber
• Interruption of plasticization through the introduction of water which determines the disintegration of the melted mass
• Unloading through a pneumatically-controlled opening
The resulting product comes in the form of densified macro particles which are humidity-free and can be moved easily.