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The aeration process is fundamental in a municipal or industrial sewage treatment plant as it allows the supply of the oxygen required for the metabolic activity of the activated sludge. Many are moreover the applications of different types and speeds of mixers in biological and/or chemical-physical plants.
SERECO aeration systems include coarse bubble air diffusers DRAF 100 model, fine bubble air diffusers DRAF 200 model, fixed surface turbines TASC model or floating turbines TASCG model, surface high-speed turbines TAVEM model and Mammouth type rotors, also called rotating brush type RAM model. In this section there are also the distributors for biological or trickling filters model DRP and DRPM.
The fine bubble diffuser DRAF 200 model has been conceived after specific studies and researches that allowed the execution of a patented product characterized by optimum efficiency in terms of oxygen transfer, high surface density of micro-holes, no risk of clogging, extreme installation easiness, made of high-quality materials in order to have a long-term operation also in heavy running conditions.
DRAF 100 – Coarse bubble air diffuser DRAF 200 – Fine bubble air diffuser TASC/TASCG – Surface aeration turbine, talaro type TAVEM/TAVEMG – High speed surface aeration turbine RAM – Mammouth type aeration rotor DRP – Rotating distributor for biological or trickling filters