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Accessories for Rotomachinery


These include:

Offset Arm:

  • Necessary for the production of large articles using all available space;
  • The main features are the high load capacity, robustness and little maintenance requirement;
  • Fitted with quick connections for fast replacement;
  • The rotation of the flange where the mould is installed is driven by a set of gears and chain;
  • The carriage with the mould is balanced using an adjustable counter weight;
  • Up to 3 passages for the injection of inert gases in to the mould, or for the connection to Venturi Tubes necessary for hot air in specific areas of the mould;
  • A more sophisticated version provides attachments for fast connections of temperatures thermocouple.

C-Shape Arm

  • For the production of large and very large articles;
  • Includes all the features of the offset arm, with the advantage of supporting the mould in two places, thus increasing the load capacity;
  • Having a second support, allows the installation of 4 air passages

Software Management

All machines are controlled via a modular, flexible, well tested software system, (firmware), which
can, at any time be updated with new functions requested by customers, or as a result of our own
tests and continued innovations learned on our in-house, pilot-plant.

The electrical and electronic components are cutting-edge-technology, with a high level of reliability, performance and world-wide availability.

Software of management main function

  • Setting and visualisation, in the user’s language of all process parameters (temperatures, rotation speed, reversal of rotation direction, carriage position, etc.);
  • Possibility to view the oven temperature curves and the manual/automatic cycle;
  • Visualisation of alarms, with mandatory or proposed solutions, which requires the operator acknowledge before any action is taken;
  • Visualisation and setting of pre-arranged maintenance cycle;
  • Several password levels to protect data and process from non-authorised changes;
  • Audit-trail for traceability of data changed by operators (optional);
  • Direct control and management of arm inverters without opening electrical control panels;
  • Possibility to replace inverters without the requirement of direct programming;
  • Simple and clear visualisation of cooking and cooling times;
  • Management of the cooking recipes and codes for each arm;
  • Automatic calculation of theorical consumption of each arm;
  • Automatic creation and saving of production reports on SD memory card or remote server;
  • Possibility to mould up to 4 layers;
  • Possibility to set 3 different temperature levels for each cooking period;
  • Possibility to set 2 different speeds on the primary and secondary in the same cycle phase and of the clockwise/counter clockwise rotation time, with possible delayed intervention;
  • “Zero” search for setting the mould position at the loading/unloading station;
  • Provision for an eventual carriage addition;
  • Provision for an eventual addition of an “automatic temperature management system”, with INTEL-ARM (optional), or other systems;
  • Provision for an eventual addition of an “automatic hot air-flow” management system with INTEL-OVEN (optional);
  • Provision for an “automatic mould recognition” with INTEL-RECIPE (optional);
  • Display of current consumption;
  • Display of motors, micro switch and doors opening and closing status.

Intel Arm

The first step towards the cycle control is to know what is happening in the mould.

“Intelligent Arm” INTEL ARM is a system that measures the moulding and cooling temperatures in real time and provides a graphical indication of the air and of the material inside the mould.

Intel Oven

How can the circulation of hot air be optimized, cycle after cycle, with moulds and shapes of different sizes?

The answer is INTEL OVEN, the first rotational moulding oven that optimizes the flow of hot air in the oven in relation to the working mould. The air flow is adjusted  angle in accordance with the shape and size of the rotating mould.

The patented flow direction unit changes the blades direction in order to direct the hot air flow in the desired area, therefore increasing the process efficiency.

When this system is used together with the arm position indicator, it allow the pre-heating in a specific area of the mould in a simple, automatic and secured way.

Can operate in two ways:

  • Continuous oscillations: the blades fluctuate in order to vary to the maximum the angle and the air flow to the mould;
  • Specific position: in accordance with the mould the blades angle position themselves to concentrate the flow to the desired direction;

All innovations are tested and proven on our in-house test machine and only after extensive and positive reliable tests the systems are available to the customers.

Dosing Unit

Personalised solutions for transportation of the powder from the storage area to the moulding area, where the automatic powder dosing system, controlled by a PLC controls during all phases.

The correct dosage takes place by checking the quantity and the type of material by a simple reading of the bar code, marked on a special high temperature label, placed on the mould.

The system prepares the required weight with a load cell, and it then transports the powder directly to the mould.

This system minimises weight errors and waste.