Newsletter Jan 2019 - Recoquip

Newsletter Jan 2019

I would like to thank all customers for their support through 2018 and we look forward to doing business with you in 2019.

We want you to ‘’INVEST INTO QUALITY EQUIPMENT’’ to ensure your workmanship is guaranteed to the end customer and that your equipment lasts way past expiry date.

Our latest delivery has been the first week of January 2019 for the Western Cape Government, department of transport and public works, mechanical works.

The unit was received by Handre Strydom (Chief Engineer) and Robert Sutherland (Head of mechanical workshops). Both have 35+ years each working with Department of transport and public works and have over the years gained vast experience in selecting quality equipment needed.

This innovative stone crusher FAE STC 200 from Italy, had to compete with other competitors in the market and after a number of comparisons and strict requirements by the Chief Engineer to meet quality, efficiency and aggregate size, this unit was the choice.

This stone crusher will reduce the need to mine material to repair roads, (currently expensive permits are required to mine material) the existing in-situ material will be ripped and the stone crusher will breakdown the material to a uniform -20mm size, then graded and compacted. There is no need for grid rollers or tipper trucks, so there is a large reduced plant cost for road repairs. The stone crusher is compact and can be moved easily.

Rec-o-quip offer’s many other types of stone crushers from FAE, for soil stabilization and deeper penetration.

Steven Harmsen (Rec-o-quip)/ Handre Strydom (Chief Engineer)/ Robert Sutherland (Head of mechanical workshop)

Robert Sutherland (Head mechanical workshop) / Steven Harmsen (Rec-o-quip) / Handre Strydom (Chief Engineer)

Upcoming deliveries:

We have also received an order for tobacco harvesters from France, KIRPY with their RMTD 03 Tobacco harvester. This harvester is able to cut 2200 stalks/ hr. Aimed at harvesting brown and burley tobacco, the stalks are cut flush with the ground, notch for hanging up to the drier and automatic loading on the trailer, without manual intervention. We will post this news after delivery in March 2019.

More Information:

For more information on the products mentioned above, you are welcome to download the brochures below:

Stone Crusher FAE STC 200