ABOUT US - Recoquip


Rec-O-Quip is the market leader in specialized equipment and plants in Africa and surrounding islands. We aim to continuously improve our service of providing quality products to our customers in a wide range of industries through a strong distribution network. What makes us unique is our personal dedication to each project and our dedication to finding tailor-made solutions for each client’s specific needs. With Rec-O-Quip you will have the personal attention of a well-informed consultant with in-depth knowledge of available adaptations and applications of a vast range of products in your industry.


Working closely with our clients and utilizing high quality suppliers allows us to provide ideal solutions to help achieve higher levels of productivity and profitability.


Rec-O-Quip is a family run business that has become a reputable business through knowledge of our products, attention to detail and volume of products we offer.


Steven Harmsen is head of marketing and sales.
Sherry Harmsen is head of management and administration.
We have appointed sales agents and service providers across Africa.