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We have a wide range of products available. Please note that the product section is constantly updated. If you need equipment which you don’t see here do not hesitate to contact us. Chances are we have something for your specific needs. Please browse our industrial equipment products below.


We can offer a custom solution which would include a web interface with graphs and SMS alerts including an LCD display (optional) with current parameters displayed and a siren output. It would also include the power supply with full battery backup in case of power failure.

In the event of you choosing the access control option, we could also offer you a unique solution to track the exact weekly individual exposure levels automatically (with full individual web-based reports and graphs.)

We can offer the following sensors:

1)     Formaldehyde sensors (formaldehyde level monitoring.)
2)     Xylene sensors (xylene level monitoring.
3)     Temperature sensors (ambient temperature monitoring.
4)     Sound pressure level sensors (noise safety level monitoring.)
5)     Oxygen sensors (ambient oxygen level monitoring.)
6)     Carbon dioxide sensors (ambient carbon dioxide level monitoring.)
7)     Carbon monoxide sensors (ambient carbon monoxide level monitoring.)
8)     Humidity sensors (ambient humidity monitoring.)
9)     Flow rate sensors (to monitoring extractor failure.)
10)  Other desired parameter sensors.
11)  Digital alarm inputs for other existing machine failure signaling.

We can also offer fingerprint access control systems for monitoring and logging lab assistant times in labs automatically.