UNIMAC-S - Recoquip


UNIMAC-S Shredder with big dimension
The structure of this shredder is similar to the MAC-S.

The main difference is in the screen removal system since this model has a hydraulic opening front door on which the screens are fixed.

Mechanical drive system
Opnening hopper bottom for a safer and quicker maintenance
Interchangeable and reversible blades and counter-blades for a quicker and more economic replacement
Safety clutch on transmission (only mechanical version)
Machine structure 100 mm
Pusher for increased production
Active Protection system for bearings
Interchangeable screen with different size holes
Patented rotor designs, studied to increase performances
Anti-vibrating support system

Examples of shreddable materials:
Light Metals
Heavy plastic (plastic lumps, pipes etc.)
Paper and carton
Electrical cables
Urban solid waste (MSW)


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