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Refurbished Caterpillar Machines



  • 1 x Refurbished Caterpillar D10T Track Type Tractor (Ex Stock), Year of Manufacture: 2011, Single-Shank Ripper / Semi-U Blade, Approximate Machine Weight: 73 601kg
  • 1 x Refurbished Caterpillar 329D Hydraulic Excavator (Ex Stock), Year of Manufacture: 2014, Approximate Machine Weight: 29700kg
  • 2 x Refurbished Caterpillar 330C Hydraulic Excavator (Ex Stock), Year of Manufacture: 2005, Approximate Machine Weight : 34500kg
  • 2 x Refurbished Caterpillar 330D Hydraulic Excavator (3 Weeks), Year of Manufacture: 2008, Approximate Machine Weight : 35100kg
  • 2 x Refurbished Caterpillar 336DL Hydraulic Excavator (1 Week), Year of Manufacture: 2009, Approximate Machine Weight: 37110kg
  • 1 x Refurbished Caterpillar 140G Motor Grader (2 Weeks), Year of Manufacture: 1990-1995, 14ft Mouldboard Ripper/Scarifier, Approximate Machine Weight: 18 000kg

Our “Fully Refurbished Machines” are machines that have been completely refurbished at our facilities at BLC Plant Company in Johannesburg. All machines are shot-blasted and primed before the refurbishing process starts. Machines are then stripped down to the bare chassis. All major components are thoroughly tested to ensure that they meet with the Caterpillar refurbish standards. Once components like engines and transmissions have been repaired they are then dyno tested and will have the actual testing reports available. Machines are then reassembled by our fully qualified Caterpillar Diesel Mechanics replacing any worn parts with new or good used parts. On completion of the refurbishing process the machines are then sent on a thorough field test for a few days to ensure that each machine is operating correctly and within Caterpillar specifications. Furthermore this ensures that when the units are delivered they will be performing to Caterpillar refurbished standards. Machines are then washed down and painted back to the original Caterpillar colours and fitted with the original new decals. Wheeled machines will have new tyres fitted. Track machines will have new track groups fitted if they have less than 80% life left. On completion of the machines, a Technical Analysis (TA) is done independently by Barloworld Equipment Company (the official Caterpillar dealer for Southern Africa) at our facility and is available at your request.


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