Patch Planer - Exactor -EX - Recoquip

Patch Planer – Exactor -EX


Available Models: EX20, EX20HD, EX30, EX30HD, EX45, EX45HD, EX60, EX60HD


The EX RANGE of patch planers are ideally suited for repairing asphalt paving or cleaning contaminated material from concrete or screed surfaces.  With mechanically or hydraulically adjustable depth control, it is possible to remove material with high precision to a depth of 19 cm.

Erkat EXACTOR cold planers can be mounted on excavators and backhoes without any modifications.  Thanks to the optional mounting bracket, they can also be fitted to skid-steer loaders.
  • Thick plate housing, low vibration
  • Robust sliding frame with wear-resistant runners
  • High torque, convertible hydraulic motors
  • High precision depth control
    (mechanically or hydraulically adjustable)
  • Integrated water spraying nozzles
    (dust extraction optional)
Erkat EXACTOR patch planers can work in every position — on horizontal, vertical and inclined surfaces.  They can even remove material from overhead as, for example, in a tunnel.
The Exactor provides a superb surface finish (pre-cutting no longer required) and the grain size of material extracted can be used as back fill.
Depending on the material the cutter drums can be equipped with different picks.  Moreover cutter drums can be supplied in different designs and width allowing flexibility to meet various application requirements.