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Cutter Wheels – ERW



For the accurate cutting of narrow trenches or slots in rock and concrete

The Erwetor hydraulic excavator attachment was designed in cooperation with our customers. Two high torque hydraulic motors per wheel provide the torque required to guarantee results. Exceptional cutting rates have been achieved even in rock with a uniaxial compressive strength of 80 MPa and in heavily reinforced concrete.

Erket produces these heavy duty attachments in 4 sizes suitable for use on excavators from 14 to 55 ton operating

To suit all possible applications, erket offers different wheel designs with a maximum cutting depth of 1,200 mm. All wheels are fi tted with the well proven picks. Maximum cutting width offered as standard is 400 mm but wheels to cut non-standard depths or widths are available on demand.

As the Erwetor can be used to 30 m underwater, it is ideally suited for canal work or for underwater demolition projects.

  • rigid, manouverable mounting frame
  • two high torque hydraulic motors
  • smooth and regular cutting action
  • cutter wheels for various cutting depths and widths
  • high performance due to proven pick types and pattern
  • operational to 30 meters underwater
  • ideally suited for concrete demolition