Revolving Drum Cutters - ERU - Recoquip

Revolving Drum Cutters – ERU


Available Models: ERU1, ERU2, ERU3, ERU4, ERU5, ERU6, ERU7


The ERU RANGE from Erkat represents a new generation of rotation units, tough enough for use with rotary drum cutters in tunnelling, trenching and profiling applications.  The rotation units are long-lasting, robust and low-maintenance.

When combined with the endlessly rotating Erkat ROTATION UNITS, rotary drum cutters can be located in the ideal position to meet cutting requirements.  All rotation units have a hydraulic swivel joint as standard allowing endless rotation of the rotary drum cutter.
Features of Erkat ROTATION UNITS
  • Long lasting and robust worm gear and gear box
  • Components made to tight tolerances
  • Worm gear made from high-quality steel
  • Robust bearings
  • Hydraulic swivel joint with maximum oil flow capacity 500 l/min
  • Extremely high holding torque, up to 350,000 Nm
  • Continuous and infinite rotation
  • Compact and low maintenance
  • Double rotation motors used from ERU 3 upwards