Revolving Drum Cutters - ERC - Recoquip

Revolving Drum Cutters – ERC


Available Models: ERC50, ERC100, ERC250, ERC600, ERC650, ERC1200, ERC1500X, ERC1500XL, ERC2000, ERC3000


The ERC RANGE from Erkat represents a new generation of revolving rotary drum cutters that extends significantly the number of applications suitable for transverse drum cutters.
The integrated rotation unit with continuous infinite rotation, allows the drum cutter to be put into the ideal cutting position.  Positioning the drum cutter for the most efficient cutting action helps to increase productivity.
Erkat REVOLVING DRUM CUTTERS increase productivity by up to 50 % in applications such as tunnelling and trenching.  Vertical surfaces can be ground more accurately resulting in faster and lower cost profiling.