Transverse Rotary Drum Cutter- ER - Recoquip

Transverse Rotary Drum Cutter- ER


Available Models: ER50, ER100, ER250, ER600, ER650, ER1200, ER1500X, ER1500XL, ER2000, ER3000, ER550


The ER RANGE of transverse drum cutters are ideally suited for trenching, tunnelling, special foundation work, demolition and for soil mixing.

The operating characteristics of Erkat ROTARY DRUM CUTTERS allow them to be used in noise and vibration sensitive areas.
By changing the cutter drums, Erkat transverse drum cutters can be easily converted to suit several special applications such as tunnelling, profiling, or cutting wood.
  • Mechanical 360° rotatable console with standard Atlas Copco hole pattern (except for ER 5500)
  • Adaptable hydraulic motors with powerful torque
  • Extremely robust spur gears
  • Cutter heads mounted on oversized bearings guarantee a long operating and service life
  • Heavy duty fasteners guarantee secure fixture of cutter heads
  • Large variety of special cutting heads for profiling, mixing and mining as well as wood cutting (non-standard models)