Longitudinal Rotary Drum Cutters - ER-L - Recoquip

Longitudinal Rotary Drum Cutters – ER-L


Available Models: ER100L, ER250L, ER400L, ER450L, ER600L, ER1500L


Typical applications for Erkat longitudinal drum cutters include trenching, accurate excavation of special shaped excavations, slag removal in steel mills, cleaning pile tops and soil mixing.

Longitudinal drum cutters are driven by a powerful radial piston motor creating extremely high cutting forces.  The robust cutter drums together with their secure fixing method enable them to operate in the most demanding conditions.  Consoles can be supplied with different lengths to suit a variety of applications.
By exchanging the cutter head, the Erkat longitudinal drum cutter can easily be converted into a robust ADU auger drive unit for vertical and horizontal holes.
  • Robust and powerful drive
  • Variable length consoles available
  • Secure cutter head fixture
  • Oversized, long-lasting cutter head bearings
  • Robust and long-lasting cutter heads
  • Diameter of cutting heads in bigger sizes on request