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Chain Cutters – EK



Patented cutting methods – Chain cutting attachments

The Erkator is the first of this type of attachment on the market. Designed for use on excavators from 15 to 45 tons and for working in rock with compressive strength up to 80 MPa. The Erkator can excavate deep and narrow trenches, from 600 mm wide, quickly, without vibration and with a perfect trench profile. Another application is the excavation of soft to medium hard rock with compressive strength between 15 to 60 MPa, where the use of drill and blast is not possible.

Using the Erkator, trench width will never be wider than necessary. The continuous chain, driven by the cutter drums, removes the material automatically from the space between the cutter drums. With standard drum cutters, the trench width is always wider due to the need to remove the material from this area. Minimum trench width saves money in transport costs for cut material and the ability to use spoils as fill material also saves money.

Using the EK cutter, the spoil is fi ne enough to be used as fill material.

  • Design protected under patents DE 10 2008 041 B4 and EP 2324158
  • Range of cutting widths available
  • fine grained cut material
  • easy on the excavator as trenching requires use of mimimum excavator functions, using only the standard digging cylinders
  • low noise and vibration levels
  • works underwater without needing any modifications