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EBA Auger drive attachment with augers



The Erket EBA range of auger drive units allows you to quickly convert your excavator, loader or skid steer into a drill rig by simply changing the attachment. These auger drive units are ideal for drilling shallow holes in soft to compact soils, cobbles and in soft rock with compressive strengths up to 40 MPa.

For use in harder rock, Erket have developed special drilling tools to ensure higher drilling speeds.

In contrast to the standard auger drive units available on the market, erket do not use planetary gears. We use high torque radial piston motors that are more reliable in tough drilling conditions as well as giving us a short, compact, robust design.  These motors have proven themselves in some very tough drilling conditions around the world.

  • very short and compact construction
  • heavy duty hexagonal drive
  • high torque hydraulic motor
  • robust and rigid bracket
  • heavy duty bearings
  • wear resistant augers
  • auger drives for tough applications


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