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Auger drive units – ADU



For excavators with weight from 3 to 50 tons

The design and assembly of this new, innovative range of auger drive excavator attachments has beneffited from many years of experience in cutting rock with longitudinal drum cutters. The ADU range of erkat auger drive units are designed for use on excavators from 3 to 40 tons. ADU auger drive units are indestructible, high performance drives that have proven themselves many times while successfully drilling holes in medium hard limestone with 60 MPa compressive strength.

The conversion of an ER-L longitudinal cutter to an ADU requires an adaptor that bolts onto the output shaft. The adaptor has a hexagonal drive for connection to the augers.

  • strong universal swing bracket
  • high torque hydraulic motor
  • robust, compact design
  • powerful drive unit
  • over-sized long-life bearings on output shaft
  • extra strong, wear resistant hexagon drive